You lucky bastard. Dating a girl who's not gonna turn around and, kiss Noel. But I guess she used to, so
—Sean to Ben
Final Answer is the 22nd episode of Season 2 of Felicity.


Everyone is getting it on. It's make-out mayhem when final exams bring out the animal in all, even Tracey who's sworn celibacy until the cows come home.


Keri Russell as Felicity Porter
Scott Foley as Noel Crane
Scott Speedman as Ben Covington
Amy Jo Johnson as Julie Emrick
Tangi Miller as Elena Tyler
Greg Grunberg as Sean Blumberg
Amanda Foreman as Meghan Rotundi

Recurring cast

Amy Smart as Ruby Gordon
Rob Benedict as Richard Coad
Donald Faison as Tracey
Ian Gomez as Javier Quintata

Guest starring

Elaine Kagan as Professor Mary Morton


  • Meghan's now friends with the girls
  • Wade asked Ruby to marry him and she's considering it
  • Julie and Noel hook up, after Noel eats Smart Cookies
  • Elena feels like she's competing with the Lord and Tracey reaffirms his commitment to wait
  • Ben goes and talks to Felicity's professor on her behalf
  • Felicity gets offered the summer internship in NY
  • Noel offers to be with Ruby, be the father of the baby and maybe marry her
  • Ruby leaves New York to go back home to her parents
  • Sean decides he and Julie weren't meant to be
  • Meghan and Sean hook up


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Julie and Noel at Epstein Bar