Noel“How does this sound, uh: "Dear Richard, I'm so sorry that I forced you to admit that you'd never had sex with a man or a woman"”
Meghan“Hey you can't send that”
Noel“Yeah this is the weirdest thing that I've ever written”
— Oh boy
One Ball, Two Strikes is the 6th episode of Season 3 of Felicity.


Noel tells Richard that he knows what his secret is, but he might not be as accurate as he thinks. Sean learns that his medical condition is more serious than he realized. Elsewhere, Felicity asks Randy to confirm her story to Ben that nothing happened between them, and Elena has an embarrassing encounter with Finn.


Keri Russell as Felicity Porter
Scott Foley as Noel Crane
Scott Speedman as Ben Covington
Tangi Miller as Elena Tyler
Greg Grunberg as Sean Blumberg
Amanda Foreman as Meghan Rotundi

Special Guest Star

Tyra Banks as Jane Scott[1]

Recurring cast

Ian Gomez as Javier Quintata
Rob Benedict as Richard Coad
Sarah-Jane Potts as Molly
Donald Faison as Tracy

Guest starring

James Carpinello as Randy
Jim Jansen as Dr. Leonard
Elaine Kagan as Professor Mary Morton


Chris Engen as Finn


You got a problem Ben! You got this anger, that has nothing to do with Felicity and you're taking it out on her


  • Sean has surgery and is okay
  • Elena sleeps with Finn
  • Tracy is Finn's sociology partner
  • Richard admits to Noel (and Meghan) that he's a virgin and has never kissed a girl (hence his reaction to Molly)
  • Molly gives Richard his first kiss and tells him they're just friends. Richard is flying
  • Jane's a junior and transferred from Florida State
  • Ben beats up Randy so bad he's in the hospital. Randy's friends later retaliate
  • Ben and Felicity reconcile


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javier tells richard about coming out
slipped away | THE SLUGS
sean tells noel and meghan he's OK
party till dawn | THE PRODUCERS LAB
sean films noel helping jane with her computer
anyone else | PURACANE
randy tries to tell ben the truth, but ben just punches him
trans am | LEROY
noel spills coffee on jane's laptop
a little more | JENNIFER KNAPP
felicity and ben get back together

Notes and references

  1. First appearance of Jane Scott