I just broke up with Ben two months ago. And I spent all last year following Ben, or following Noel, and, no matter how much I like you, I need to not be in a serious relationship right now
—Felicity to David[src]
Season 2 of American teen drama series Felicity aired on The WB television network.


Nobody ever said following your heart would be easy. Golden Globe Award© winner[1] Keri Russell returns as Felicity, America's favourite co-ed, for a sophomore year full of surprises. As Felicity bounces back from her beginning-of-the-year breakup with high school love Ben (Scott Speedman), she adopts a new hairdo — and a new perspective on life. Changing her major from pre-med to art, Felicity steps out to find herself and kindle new relationships.


Keri Russell as Felicity Porter
Scott Foley as Noel Crane
Scott Speedman as Ben Covington
Amy Jo Johnson as Julie Emrick
Tangi Miller as Elena Tyler
Greg Grunberg as Sean Blumberg
Amanda Foreman as Meghan Rotundi

Recurring cast

Amy Smart as Ruby Gordon (15 episodes)
Donald Faison as Tracy (10 episodes)
Chris William Martin as Greg Stenson (9 episodes)
Ian Gomez as Javier Quintata (8 episodes)
Rob Benedict as Richard Coad (8 episodes)

Guest starring

Erich Anderson as Edward Porter (5 episodes)
Eve Gordon as Barbara Hunter (2 episodes)
Amy Aquino as Toni Pavone (6 episodes)
Henri Lubatti as David Sherman (5 episodes)
Teri Polo as Maggie Sherwood (5 episodes)
Michael Peña as Brian Burke (5 episodes)
L.B. Fisher as Carl (5 episodes)
Sally Kirkland as Professor Annie Sherman (4 episodes)
Keiko Agena as Leila Foster (3 episodes)
Adam Rodriguez as Eric Kidd (3 episodes)
Elizabeth Bogush as Pam (2 episodes)
Stephanie-Marie Baker as Brigid (2 episodes)
David Starzyk as Charlie Sherwood (2 episodes)
Brittany Ishibashi as Advisee ("Sophomoric")
Marissa Jaret Winokur as Nancy ("Sophomoric")
Jeanette Brox as Gretchen ("The List")
David Haley as Tim ("The List")
Trevor Lissauer as Andrew ("Ancient History")
Lawrence Edward Sullivan Jr. as Preston ("Ancient History")
Rockmond Dunbar as Man on Train ("The Depths")
Carl Gordon as Older Man on Train ("The Depths")
Tom McCleister as Loren ("The Depths")
Julio Dolce Vita as Vendor ("The Depths")
Jill Parker-Jones as Vet ("Getting Lucky")
Simon Rex as Eli ("Portraits")
Tinsley Grimes as Gwen ("Portraits")
Drew Pillsbury as Swim Coach ("Great Expectations")
Bruce Nozick as Larry ("Truth Or Consequences")
Ron Perkins as Dr. Martin ("True Colors")
Fred Sanders as Dr. John Sullivan ("Revolutions")
Alexis Arquette as Jim ("Docuventary II")
Alex Carter as Stephen's Father ("Party Lines")
Jesse James as Stephen ("Party Lines")
Eric Kushnick as Andre ("Running Mates")



ep # photo episode airdate
1 201 sophomoric 26 SEPTEMBER 1999
Felicity made her big choice over the summer -- she went cross-country with Ben. But now there's a ripple effect. Things are great with Ben. But Julie and Noel are far from forgiving her.
2 202felicity the list 3 OCTOBER 1999
Felicity notices that Ben has a funny look on his face, like he's unhappy. She tries to make herself over to please him. But taking things casually isn't Felicity's style, and she decides to call it quits with Ben rather than compromise herself.
3 203felicityart ancient history 10 OCTOBER 1999
Felicity decides to drop pre-med and pursue art instead. It's a bumpy transition. But Noel ends up being a real friend when Felicity needs him. Ben and Sean convince Julie to continue living in the loft with them.
4 Felicity logo the depths 17 OCTOBER 1999
When Felicity and Julie get stuck on a subway together for hours, their friendship is dissected by a bunch of eccentric strangers. Julie finally manages to forgive Felicity. Noel and Ruby spend a wonderful day together that concludes with a kiss.
5 205 crash 24 OCTOBER 1999
Felicity decides it's time to start dating again after a talk with Julie. Ben and Maggie spend the night together. But going out with an older woman isn't what Ben expected.
6 206 the love bug 7 NOVEMBER 1999
Felicity's desperate to figure out why David hasn't tried to kiss her yet. Noel hasn't told Ruby that he and Felicity used to go out. And Ben's determined to win over Maggie.
7 Felicity logo getting lucky 14 NOVEMBER 1999
Felicity picks up a stray dog which wreaks havoc on everyone's lives and becomes her excuse not to have sex. Meanwhile, Sean is struggling with his feelings for Julie and Ben's morals are tested with Maggie.
8 208 family affairs 21 NOVEMBER 1999
David gets way too serious with Felicity just as her parents show up for Thanksgiving. Ben's in a serious situation of his own with Maggie and her husband.
9 209 portraits 19 DECEMBER 1999
Felicity and Noel contemplate giving their relationship another chance. But their history and Ruby are in the way. Julie might get a record contract. And Ben's freaking out about his English lit final.
10 Felicity logo great expectations 16 JANUARY 2000
Felicity has a hard time dealing with the fact that her parents are separating. Noel's a TA and Ruby's one of his students. And Julie gets a chance to cut her demo under the supervision of producer Eric, who's hot for her.
11 Felicity logo help for the lovelorn 23 JANUARY 2000
Felicity Porter, a normal girl with a broken heart, seeks a cure from a doctor who removes hearts, but she finds herself perpetually trapped in a box with Noel, Julie, Ben, and Elena. Is Felicity in the Twilight Zone? Well, kinda sorta.
12 212 the slump 6 FEBRUARY 2000
Parents splitting up ... Stone-cold busted for breaking into the university swimming pool, drinking ... Life couldn't be worse for Felicity. Yes it could. She and Ben now have to get shrinked by a major chain-smoker or they'll be kicked out of school. Ben wants Felicity to take off with him to Prague ... or is it Vienna? Elena's scared she won't be able to keep her hands off her cute new lab partner. Noel and Ruby may be in "Pappa don't preach" type trouble.
13 Felicity logo truth or consequences 13 FEBRUARY 2000
As if the chain-smoking Dr. Pavone isn't bad enough, now Felicity and Ben have to atone for their sins by doing community service at the local health clinic. Speaking of which, Ruby's definitely pregnant, and Noel's dead set against having a child. The problem is, Ruby has no clue as to what she wants. And Julie is out-of-her-skin thrilled about landing her first record contract.
14 214 true colors 20 FEBRUARY 2000
With Ruby's overwhelming him emotionally, Noel seeks counsel from Ben, who shares details of a similar experience he had in high school. Meanwhile, Felicity clashes with her clinic boss over missing patient files.
15 215 things change 27 FEBRUARY 2000
Felicity and Ben compete to see who can be more jealous. Ben wins hands down. Elena and Tracey compete for the best grade on the chemistry exam. Felicity's dad is having a total nervous breakdown and comes to work at the clinic. And Noel and Ruby are totally kaput.
16 216 revolutions 5 APRIL 2000
Felicity leads the entire school in a "sit-in" demonstration to fight the school's policy on the morning after pill. Julie finally talks about her experience being raped to help further Felicity's cause. Ben and Noel set out to study but end up getting trashed and beating the ever-living crap out of each other.
17 217 docuventary II 12 APRIL 2000
Viva la documentary! It's all about guerrilla filmmaking when Sean takes to the streets, apartments, and workplaces to interview the gang about their personal relationships. Broken down, Ben loves Felicity but Felicity loves Greg. Ruby loves Noel but Noel won't go there. Sean loves Julie, but she doesn't know. Elena and Tracey love each other and Javier loves himself.
18 218 party lines 19 APRIL 2000
Sean's still on the documentary prowl this time chasing the real dirt on the possibility of Ben and Felicity getting back together. Felicity decides to run for class president directly competing against Greg. Ben takes an internship with a stockbroker and ends up watching the guy's bratty kid the entire time. Julie asks Noel to the Sadie Hawkins Dance... And Elena and Tracey still bicker instead of jumping each other.
19 219 running mates 26 APRIL 2000
It's mayhem on the campaign trail with Greg, Richard, and Felicity competing against each other. Tracey tells Elena he doesn't believe in premarital sex, driving their relationship to a screeching halt. And just as Ben and Felicity inch closer together, Ben screws it up again, maybe this time for good.
20 Felicity logo ben was here 3 MAY 2000
Everyone's living at the loft after a water main bursts at the dorms and Tracey desecrates Noel and Elena's apartment. Sean confesses his undying love to Julie and Ben tries to steal Felicity away from Greg.
21 221trio the aretha theory 10 MAY 2000
Felicity and the girl gang go out for a drunken night on the town. Noel and Ruby make another go at their relationship. And Ben finally pulls it together and fights for Felicity's love.
22 Felicity logo final answer 17 MAY 2000
Everyone is getting it on. It's make-out mayhem when final exams bring out the animal in all, even Tracey who's sworn celibacy until the cows come home.
23 223 the biggest deal there is 24 MAY 2000
Felicity grapples with the dilemma of staying in New York or going with Ben for the summer. Julie is asked to give up a kidney for her birth father, whom she's never met. Noel decides he wants to be a bad boy and takes off with Javier's bad-girl cousin Natalie. And after relentless cruelty toward Sean, Meghan finally gives in to the real deal with him.

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