Season 3 of American drama series Felicity aired on The WB television network.


Back to school in New York for her junior year, Felicity is in her first serious, committed relationship - with Ben (Scott Speedman, Duets). What a difference a year makes, when last fall the two started out together, but their romance ended quickly when Ben grappled with commitment issues. As they see if they have what it takes to be a couple day in and day out, they will encounter issues of intimacy, trust, love, and ultimately, disappointment.

Meanwhile, Noel (Scott Foley, Scream 3) struggles with the reality of his senior year and the great unknown of his future; Julie (Amy Jo Johnson, Sweetwater, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) is haunted by mysterious summer events with her birth father; Elena (Tangi Miller, The Other Brother) wrestles with temptation amidst her boyfriend's desire to abstain from sex; and Sean (Greg Grunberg, Hollow Man) and Meghan (Amanda Foreman, Daddy and Them) continue their relationship that started last spring - she brings out his wild side, and he's the only person who's ever been able to tame her.

Amid all these new developments, Sean is ever-diligent in recording on videotape the comings and goings and everything between of this tight knit surrogate family. With the news that his documentary footage from last year has been optioned for a series by the Independent Film Channel, Sean's entrepreneurial zeal shifts into overdrive with his newest endeavor - there is no escape.


Keri Russell as Felicity Porter
Scott Foley as Noel Crane
Scott Speedman as Ben Covington
Amy Jo Johnson as Julie Emrick (Until episode 3)
Tangi Miller as Elena Tyler
Amanda Foreman as Meghan Rotundi
Greg Grunberg as Sean Blumberg

Recurring cast

Ian Gomez as Javier Quintata
Rob Benedict as Richard Coad
Donald Faison as Tracy
Sarah-Jane Potts as Molly (14 episodes)

Guest starring

Ali Landry as Natalie
Chris Engen as Finn
Eddie Cahill as James


  • Amy Jo Johnson leaves the series in the third episode. She does return as a guest for a few episodes in season 3 and 4.
    • In 2000, TV Guide reported that the actor leaving was a mutual, creative decision. J.J. Abrams stated that he felt they didn't give Johnson the important storylines she deserved, due to a number of creative factors[1]
    • In reality, Johnson asked to leave the series due to the death of her mother in Summer 1998[2][3]

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