You're not going out with me because I'm me, you're going out with me because I'm not Ben. And that's not fair — to me, or the next guy
—Greg to Felicity
The Aretha Theory is the 21st episode of Season 2 of Felicity.


Felicity and the girl gang go out for a drunken night on the town. Noel and Ruby make another go at their relationship. And Ben finally pulls it together and fights for Felicity's love.


Keri Russell as Felicity Porter
Scott Foley as Noel Crane
Scott Speedman as Ben Covington
Amy Jo Johnson as Julie Emrick
Tangi Miller as Elena Tyler
Greg Grunberg as Sean Blumberg
Amanda Foreman as Meghan Rotundi

Recurring cast

Amy Smart as Ruby Gordon
Chris William Martin as Greg Stenson
Donald Faison as Tracey
Rob Benedict as Richard Coad
Ian Gomez as Javier Quintata

Guest starring

Kevin Weisman as Earl


Javier“So, what do you think Samuel will marry me?”
Ben“Well, if he's smart he will, yeah”
Javier“Benjamin! That's the sweetest thing you ever said to me”
— Relationships
When we don't need men, is exactly when we should get together with them
—Meghan to Felicity


  • Noel and Ruby hook up
  • Javier tells Ben he cheated on Samuel once
  • Meghan finally tells Greg that they knew each other as kids and asks him out. He says he's not interested
  • Javier kisses Ben to get into the club
  • Meghan and Greg went to Ashburton Elementary together, so they're both likely from Bethesda, Maryland
  • Greg ends things with Felicity
  • The episode picks up right after Felicity and Greg walked out of Epstein Bar
  • Ben and Felicity get back together


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the girls get ready montage
ben and felicity watch chaplin