I'm an emotional person I feel things and, I need to be able to get upset and to talk about how I'm feeling. I mean that's just-that's who I am and, I can't change it. I don't want to. And the thing is, you knew that. You knew it and you still pursued me. Because, you want something with me - you're just not strong enough to have it. Which, in a way makes you a coward
—Felicity ends things with Ben
The List is the 2nd episode of Season 2 on WB series Felicity.


Felicity notices that Ben has a funny look on his face, like he's unhappy. She tries to make herself over to please him. But taking things casually isn't Felicity's style, and she decides to call it quits with Ben rather than compromise herself.


Keri Russell as Felicity Porter
Scott Foley as Noel Crane
Scott Speedman as Ben Covington
Amy Jo Johnson as Julie Emrick
Tangi Miller as Elena Tyler
Greg Grunberg as Sean Blumberg
Amanda Foreman as Meghan Rotundi

Guest starring

Michael Peña as Brian Burke
Jeanette Brox as Gretchen
David Haley as Tim


L.B. Fisher as Carl
Stephanie-Marie Baker as Brigid
Talitha Peters as Waiter


  • Elena helps Noel meet girls
  • Noel gets Brigid's number
  • Sean has feelings for Julie, but doesn't tell her


love doctor | MILLIE JACKSON
elena and noel at the bar
left of the middle | NATALIE IMBRUGLIA
felicity+elena talk, ben+sean talk
why didn't you call me | MACY GRAY
the party
corazon espinado | SANTANA
ben sees felicity walk in
crash into me | DAVE MATTHEWS BAND
felicity+ben on the roof
trembling | JENNIFER BROWN
felicity packs away the necklace and photos of ben
hello world | BELLE PEREZ
the haircut